OLIVE Gardens, Bchamoun, Lebanon

A beautiful residential project blended in the Lebanese mountains At 400 meters above the Mediterranean Sea level, this project is currently under construction on land where the coast and the mountains perfectly intersect. Located atop a unique hill where the area is known for lush greenery and pine trees, Olive Gardens gives a mixed feel […]

Jabal Omar Phase 3, Makkah, KSA

A Mega Development within the Holy City Located in the Holiest Islam city – Makkah around the Grand Mosque, Jabal Omar Development project is a unique construction project consisting of 40 state-of-the-art high rise buildings. The project is part of the expansion plan of the Haram of Makkah, to accommodate more people in the Haram, […]

ALTAIR Tower, Dakar, Senegal

One of the Tallest residential towers in Dakar Classified as one of the tallest residential towers in the Senegalese capital, ALTAIR tower is a state-of-the-art 30 stories building comprising of parking levels up to 4th-floor level, and residential floors up to roof. The structural design challenge lies in the floor system comprised of several depressed […]

LURI Bridges, Juba, South Sudan

Connecting communities in Juba Part of the reconstruction plan of South Sudan, major roads are under development. Luri road is among the main ones under redevelopment which comprises the construction of five crossing-river bridges, with lengths varying from 30 to 120 meters. Those transportation structures which inter-connect communities together bring significant economic value to the […]

Verdun 1356, Beirut, Lebanon

A beautiful residential project blended in the Lebanese mountains Where every sqm counts in the heart of Beirut city, VERDUN 1356 is a smartly designed residential tower in the famous Verdun street. Located in a high seismic zone with a seismic zone factor of 0.25g, the tower comprises of 2B+GF+14. Two major transfer beams at […]

Treasury Vault, Equatorial Guinea

Securing the wealth of Equatorial Guinea People State Treasury Vault in Malabo is a governmental – top classified confidential project for Equatorial Guinea. The project has a unique structure as it was designed with the purpose of extreme security and protection. The design looks like a modern fortress that is surrounded from all sides with […]

Saraya Aqaba, Zones B, L, M, & T, Aqaba, Jordan

A beautiful residential project blended in the Lebanese mountains Saraya Aqaba project is located on the western tip of Aqaba, a coastal city in Jordan. It is considered one of the pioneer projects in the region, it includes 617,000 square meters of a construction community that is adding over 1.5km of beachfront to the Gulf […]

Rayhan Hotel, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

A 5 stars hotel addition to Dammam The project is situated in Dammam’s prime corniche strip on the Al Asheraa Roundabout, providing easy access to the Eastern Province’s main arterial roads to Jubail, Al Khobar, Dhahran, as well as to King Fahad International Airport highway. This project took chance as part of the secured Fund […]

Nasra 887, Beirut, Lebanon

An office building in a commercial district Nasra 887 is a commercial tower situated in the heart of Ashrafyeh – the historically known area of work hub, nightlife, and more. Designed to answer the demands of work practicality and luxury feel, the tower rises beautifully overlooking Beirut central district. PEER has provided structural value engineering […]

Ministry of Economy and Budgets, Equatorial Guinea

a landmark governmental building in Malabo The ministry of economy, budgets, and finance is an 8 stories – 24,000 sqm building located in Malabo, Equaotirla Guinea. The structural design challenge lies in the slender 20 m free facade columns, which serve both as architectural and structural ones supporting the last floors. LOCATION: Malabo, Equatorial Guinea […]