A village city within the city!

Abatta Village rises on the lagoon edge of the city of Abidjan. Spread over 3 hectares of greenery in Abatta (near Bingerville), the complex comprises 226 apartments divided into 36 Townhouses in Duplex and 190 apartments ranging from 2 to 5 rooms.

With their sober architecture with clean lines, the various buildings testify to the modernity and standing of the place.

Benefiting from the cool light winds coming from the Ébrié lagoon, the complex, with its alleys bordered by green spaces, is a pleasant place for walks in a setting punctuated by islets of greenery.

With more than 40% of the landholding dedicated to nature, Abatta Village asserts itself as a privileged oasis.

Abatta Village also includes office and leisure spaces (sports complex, and direct access to marina).

The project consists of five blocks split into nearly 18 sub-blocks separated by expansion joints, with an exceptional structural challenge where all the partition walls consist of reinforced concrete.

LOCATION: Abidjan, Ivory Coast


ARCHITECT: koffi et diabaté


Type: Residential & Recreational