Office Environment

Our open office environment gives us the organic flexibility required to respond to the workload variations that are common in our industry and encourages a free flow of ideas – empowering all our staff, from graduate engineers to directors. We only choose candidates who, not only show the right competencies in their resume but who portray the right mindset of success.

We also believe in a circular structure approach, where leaders are not on top of the organization, rather at the center diffusing the vision all around. This approach results in a smoother flow of information between different units and promotes partnership and trust.

Our practice adopts a quality management system that forces every project to be reviewed by a different team leader before project submissions.

Area Managers

Our area managers based in the countries of operation liaise continuously with both our clients and project design managers to ensure proper implementation of contract requirements.


Our Engineers – juniors to directors are our backbones. They are our biggest asset. Our approach is to arm them with all the necessary tools, knowledge, and trainings to keep them ahead of our peers.

Our professionals including senior, junior, and graduate engineers schedule monthly round tables discussions to share ideas and lessons learned from accomplished projects. This enables us to multiply our knowledge faster and meet the industry’s challenges wiser.

Supporting Staff

Our hidden soldiers include all non-technical people, department assistants, human resources, and administrative people. We praise them all and believe the firm’s success couldn’t be without their complementary efforts.