PEER+ is the technology unit at PEER International Consultants consisting of experts of engineers, scientists, and computer programmers. We help designers strike the perfect balance between aesthetics, function, and budget. We stand apart in our ability to preserve visions while lowering costs through the use of custom algorithm-aided optimization. Our solutions can be implemented to optimize material quantities and/or fabrication processes at any scale and any stage of design.


We explore the intersection of design, technology, and mathematics in architecture and the arts, with the goal of finding as-yet-discovered ways of creating. Our team’s interdisciplinary background enables us to pursue a wide variety of research projects and collaborations, such as in complex structural systems, fabrication, and robotics.


Our team is always thinking about ways to use technology to bring ideas to life. We strongly believe that there are no limits to creativity, only to the tools you have at your disposal. We fill the void in the industry by creating custom tools to solve any problem. Our custom software solutions enable any kind of design vision, from a billion-dollar football stadium to 3D-printed connections that fit in the palm of your hand.

PEER+ provides the following main services:

Algorithm Aided Design

Algorithms allow designers to overcome the limitations of traditional CAD software and 3D modelers, attaining a level of complexity and control beyond the human manual ability. Algorithm-Aided Design (AAD) presents design methods based on the use of Grasshopper (R), a visual algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhinoceros (R), allowing users to explore accurate freeform shapes.
AAD is the use of computational techniques to develop and control complex geometries, covering parametric modeling, digital fabrication techniques, form-finding strategies, environmental analysis and structural optimization

Connections Design

Complex connection designs are no longer a challenge with PEER+. Our innovative software simplifies even the most intricate designs, making them accessible to engineers of all levels. With PEER+, multi-type straining actions are not a problem – our user- friendly platform makes them manageable and achievable.

3D Printing

PEER+ is affiliated with a Paris-based technology company focusing on large-scale 3D printing solutions for the AEC industry. PEER+ delivers collaborative designs for large-scale prototypes that require manufacturing while offering access to large-scale 3D printing systems.


Interoperability makes your design process move faster with complex modeling and geometry. We absorb changes, trials, and errors a thousand times faster than conventional design methods.

Complex Geometries

In a world where Architects keep raising the bar for engineers, complex geometries have become the new normal for many structural engineers. PEER+ helps architects achieve their dream vision, by dealing with complex structures, roofs, and everything in between.

Curved Roofs

Curved roofs are complex geometries that could be made of different structural material. PEER+ can advise you about the most optimum geometry, material (steel, shell, etc..), curvature points and overall shape to meet the architectural intent at the best possible cost.

Wind Tunnel Simulation

PEER+ computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind engineers help you make informed decision when dealing with tall buildings and sensitive structures prone to be governed by wind loads. Such tools can significantly optimize your building’s design particularly in cases where traditional code procedures may overestimate acting loads.

Member Sizing

At PEER+, we understand the importance of optimizing member sizing for modular and repetitive systems in order to keep project costs under control. With access to a trillion possible solutions, our team can identify the most cost-effective approach to member sizing, ensuring that your project achieves the desired performance at an affordable price.