From the complex to the routine, PEER’s Forensics Practice is driven by personalized service determined by the unique nature of each assignment. At the heart of our work is the thorough investigation of damage or failure of structures. Our experts also provide legal testimony.

We investigate deficiencies and failures. Discover and document causes. Recommend, design, and oversee resolution. Our priority is resolving current problems and preventing future issues. At PEER, we use our design experience, forensic skill, and advanced analytical and visualization tools to understand, clearly communicate, and resolve any problem, large or small.

We are investigators who analyse failures in the built environment. But we are also designers and engineers, with practical knowledge of the design process. This means when problems arise, we have a better understanding of what caused them.

We believe that straightforward communication is as important as technical expertise. With state-of-the-art simulation and graphical capabilities – including advanced material modelling, computational program, and 3D/4D forensic information modeling, among others – we create animations and visuals to clearly present our findings.