We believe that Bridge Engineering is the Rolls-Royce of Structural Engineering.

At PEER we partner with our clients to understand their needs, strategy, and aspirations to develop transportation structures and ultimately connect their cities. We deliver world-class bridge engineering anywhere, of almost any type and any span.

Long-span bridges open regions to opportunity and link communities: they are prime socio-economic boosters. PEER collaborates with architects, developers, and the public sector to shape ambitious, pragmatic, and enduring bridges that transform the way people live and work.

PEER has worked on series of long-span bridges in several countries, including the world tallest-hanged suspended bridge located in Makkah – Saudi Arabia.

We work on all types of bridges namely:

  • Girder Bridge
  • Truss Bridge
  • Arch Bridge
  • Cantilever Bridge
  • Cable-Stayed Bridge
  • Suspension Bridge
  • Timber Bridge
  • Steel Bridge
  • Culvert Bridge