LURI Bridges, Juba, South Sudan

Connecting communities in Juba

Part of the reconstruction plan of South Sudan, major roads are under development. Luri road is among the main ones under redevelopment which comprises the construction of five crossing-river bridges, with lengths varying from 30 to 120 meters.

Those transportation structures which inter-connect communities together bring significant economic value to the Juba residents and ultimately to the whole country.

The various bridges were designed to accommodate special heavy truck loads (3 times AASHTO standard truck!). Due to the weak nature of soil strata underneath the foundations, a series of bored piles were introduced ranging in length from 15 meters up to 25 meters below ground level.

PEER has developed full structural design and shop drawings for the project. Structural elements include end-bearing piles, abutments, piers, prestressed AASHTO girders, deck, wing wall, and other related elements.

LOCATION: Juba, South Sudan

CLIENT: Gulf Spectrum Engineering Consultants

Transportation Engineer: Gulf Spectrum Engineering Consultants

PROJECT VALUE: undisclosed

Type: Transportation – Bridges