OLIVE Gardens, Bchamoun, Lebanon

A beautiful residential project blended in the Lebanese mountains

At 400 meters above the Mediterranean Sea level, this project is currently under construction on land where the coast and the mountains perfectly intersect. Located atop a unique hill where the area is known for lush greenery and pine trees, Olive Gardens gives a mixed feel between urban and rural lifestyles.

The project consists of five blocks giving life to more than +120 families, some of them enjoy private gardens, and others are delighted with roof terraces.

From an engineering perspective, the challenges lie in the very long horizontal floors, where our engineers had to deal with the main concern of relieving the slabs from the induced shrinkages and temperature stresses while maintaining construction smooth without interruptions. Different pour strips were introduced and kept open for 90 days for later casting.

Another engineering challenge was the boxed cantilevers’ balconies for so many apartments that we had to deal with part of the architectural requirements of the project.

RED Development has commissioned PEER to undertake full structural design and supervision of the project from inception to execution.

LOCATION: Bchamoun, Lebanon

CLIENT: RED Development



Type: Residential