Saraya Aqaba, Zones B, L, M, & T, Aqaba, Jordan

A beautiful residential project blended in the Lebanese mountains

Saraya Aqaba project is located on the western tip of Aqaba, a coastal city in Jordan. It is considered one of the pioneer projects in the region, it includes 617,000 square meters of a construction community that is adding over 1.5km of beachfront to the Gulf of Aqaba. The project comprises shopping and entertaining malls, restaurants, and six five starts-hotels that are designed in a styled ancient city.

Partnering with Saudi Oger, PEER has provided full structural redesign for zones B, L, M, and T further to a value engineering assignment conducted in partnership with CODE engineering office in Beirut. Structural redesigned elements include a foundation system (thin mat with drops underneath loaded columns), vertical elements, and slabs.

LOCATION: Aqaba, Jordan

CLIENT: Saudi Oger

ARCHITECT: Oger International


Type: Hospitality